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Work one on one with a certified Pilates instructor who will personally tailor every minute of your session to be exactly what your body needs to achieve your desired physical goals. Whether this is your first Pilates session ever or you are an experienced Pilates practitioner or teacher, the benefits of a private session are invaluable. Private sessions are 50 minutes and may use 1 or more pieces of Pilates equipment, depending on the needs and goals of the client. The apparatus may include the cadillac, reformer, wunda chair, spine corrector, small barrel, ballet barre, jumpboard, and more. 

Private sessions on apparatus are the way Joseph Pilates originally intended his work to be practiced, and as he famously said “In ten sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions you’ll be on your way to a whole new body.”

Private Sessions


Up to 3 participants

Discover all the advantages of a Pilates Cadillac and a Pilates Reformer together in one space-saving apparatus! The full trapeze Cadillac-Reformer converts safely and easily from a comfortable Cadillac trapeze table to a studio reformer and back. It is providing full functionality for both exercise modes.Work out with up to 3 people on the cadillac, reformer, stability and/or chair. Each equipment class will offer something different using a wide variety of props and sequential movements. Lengthen and strengthen your body for improved core stability, poised posture and better overall well-being. Rotate through the Pilates equipment which is designed to help you attain, and maintain, proper form and alignment. Ideal for students who may have never taken a pilates class previously or you are a regular who wants to leave class feeling calm and re-energized. 


It’s a new year and a new studio and virtual vs in office has created such a new world of scheduling. These Class names are the main focuses of the studio, but you walk in the door and we will provide the Pilates session you need. It may say “Pilates and Props” but if you need something else? (hips tight, back pain, etc) With small classes we can cater to the needs of all.

Pilates & Props

Props help assist weaknesses in form, flexibility, strength & balance. Why not use props during a great Pilates class? The Pilates circle, therabands, balance cushions, arcs and more are used to help challenge your workout.

All Level Pilates

A class for anyone wanting the "everything Pilates" equipment class. Maybe it's Cadillac or Reformer with some chair work,, but it's always going to be fun and challenging.


Reformer or Cadillac will be used to release tight muscles and aleviate chronic pain through favorite exercises & props. Hip work using the fuzzies, stretches with yoga straps, sand bags for tight shoulders. Whatever is needed to breathe easier.

Square 1 Strength

the Foundation of Pilates exercises - move through the BASI Pilates Block System: warm up, footwork, core, hips, spinal articulation, stretches, full body integration 1 & 2, arm work, leg work,  lateral flexion rotation, back extension

Pilates & Champagne

Our popular "free flow" class is back! Unwind after a long day with your favorite exercises, props & bubbles! Build strength, flexibility and community in this friendly and fun class.

Power Pilates Workout

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Moving through more exercises at a faster pace. Need to know springs, exercises & form. Let's pack this 50 minutes full of everything Pilates.