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Your Body is a Machine

Pilates is the Mechanic

About the

Pilates Garage 

​We are a small home based Pilates studio located on Mercer Island. With Cadillac Reformers by Balanced Body, we bring the fresh air in for a fun, effective workout geared to lengthen and strengthen every muscle group. Our contemporary approach to teaching offers all the traditional benefits of Pilates while also allowing us to infuse additional exercise methods. Keeping class sizes small we are able to focus on form and creating a safe, supportive environment.

The Pilates Garage

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Private Sessions

Semi Private - 2 participants



Up to 4 participants

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If you knew 5 Elements Pilates, you already know what made us special. 7 years on Mercer Island and the best instructors, classes and equipment available. 2020 may have changed a lot, but it hasn't changed our commitment to the practice of Pilates. Our new location is a converted and upgraded garage space, carefully planned to have ample space for movement and your safety. We offer top quality Pilates training in a small group class setting, as well as Privates and Semi Private Training. One thing that makes our space so unique, is its intimate setting, smaller number of clients invited to practice and a supportive casual atmosphere. With over 15 years of owning and operating Pilates studios, I know it's not about outfits and other superficial things seen at many studios today, it's about the new mantra of my vision for Pilates in 2021 and beyond "Nothing Fancy, just plain Simple" 

What makes us


What You Should Know

So everyone may gain the most benefit from their Pilates sessions, the following are some of the policies and etiquette we ask you to abide by, when you visit us.

  • Water is permitted in the studio so please feel free to bring your water bottle.

  • Feel free to bring a small towel for sweating

  • Toe sox are not required, but always nice to have. We also have some for sale if you need to purchase at the studio


Cancellation policy

When you purchase Pilates sessions we make a reservation for you. We understand life happens and changes may need to be made to your class reservations. We will adhere to a 6-hour cancellation policy for all sessions & classes. All late cancellations will be charged at your purchase rate. Cancellations can be received via email, text or via the web-scheduler.

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